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Nature Of Umoja

We are going to compare the nature of Umoja and individualism today. I don’t think most people understand the power of the individual when it comes to unity, the individual only exists because of Umoja, but Umoja only exists because of the individual. Unity doesn’t require you to give up who you are, it just requires you to expand your idea of who you are. The nature of Umoja is the nature of the individual. The individual is the seed from which Umoja grows and so it is important to understand this relationship. How can one person be Umoja? How can they be unified with all other people when they are only one? There are many ways that this could happen, but I think we need to start by explaining what unity is in terms of a group of people. We often talk about unity as if it is a singular thing and that there is only one form or way of being unified under heaven. This is a flawed way of thinking because it assumes that all things have the same components and properties, when in reality everything has its own unique components and properties. Nothing can be compared to anything else because all things are unique, even if some things are more alike than others. Umoja must exist as individuals before it can exist within a larger group. It must exist inside each individual before it can exist among all individuals together. If we don’t first become unified on our own then we will not be able to become unified with each other. We will only end up fighting over who’s way of being united is best and destroying any chance we had for being truly united in building our Tribes.

The question I want those on the #Nguzosabachallenge or the #21dayNguzoSabaChallenge to work with today are:

Which comes first, the individual or Umoja?

How does Umoja influence your life?

What does it mean to be an individual?

What is your favorite part about being an individual?

Use your SelfMastery journal to work on this word equations and let us know what you come up with. Here is the list for today's rant:

  1. Recognize that group and personal interests are the same

  2. Refrain from all detractors of Umoja

  3. Work toward being the perfect member of the Umoja

  4. Be loyal to Umoja

  5. Be ready to defend Umoja in any way, but do not cheat to attain the goals of this movement

  6. Learn about the powers which support and oppose our movement

  7. Develop solidarity and unconditional love for each member of the Umoja

When we look at the word Umoja, it means unity. The word Umoja refers to the oneness of all things, our purpose here on earth (according to an African viewpoint) is to harmonize with one another and everything in creation and as such we can only be truly fulfilled/happy if we are harmonized. So really when we look at our purpose, we are not fulfilling that purpose by disuniting ourselves bit by bit in search of a false happiness that has no basis in reality for the only true happiness comes from us unifying.

For those that are on the #NguzoSabaChallenge here is your proverb for today:

"Eating tough meat is always harder for a toothless lion."

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