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Will & Ujima:Will Power, Ujima and the Purpose of Our Community

Great Ujima:

Will power and ujima are the two foundational principles of African philosophy. Will power is the capacity to decide what to do. Ujima is about collective work and responsibility, where we each contribute our part and accept shared responsibility for the outcome. Will power is the individual ability and strength to decide what to do. It's an active decision-making process that requires effort, drive and determination. It's a choice that comes from within us. When we act according to will, it has value; when we don't, it's of no use at all. Will power is our own personal power to choose what we want or don't want. A lot of people think they lack will-power because they often find themselves saying "I should have…" instead of just doing what they need to do. This shows a lack of commitment on their part because they're not willing to act on their choices. People who are committed take action right away and make things happen; others tend to be more wishy-washy in nature. The will comes from within us but it needs a purpose or an objective that drives us towards taking action, something that motivates us enough so that we can make progress towards our goals despite any obstacles or opposition that may stand in our way. Here are a few question to wrestle with if you are part of the #NguzoSabaChallenge:

What is Will power and how have you used it in the last month?

Do you consider yourself to have strong will power? If so, what do you use it for?

What have you done to build your willpower in the last month?

Have you ever had a time when your will failed you?

What is one thing that you can do to build a stronger community?

What is a major struggle you have faced in your life?

What is the hardest thing you've ever done?

How do we begin to define willpower, what role does it play in ujima? We look at how we can use will to strengthen our community and bring us closer together. Will can act as a force in the present, the past and into the future. It is proactive, not reactive. It's a thoughtful process of decision making that leads to action. Here are some suggestions that you can use to build up your Will Power:

1. Avoid all distractions

2. Set realistic goals

3. Break down difficult tasks into manageable chunks

4. Consistency is key: small steps are easier to achieve than giant leaps

5. Being aware of your willpower can help keep you on the right track

6. Ask for help when needed

7. Have fun along the way

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