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Why we need Ritual and Symbols to keep the Tribe together

Great Kujichagulia:

Now it is time for us to look at symbols and rituals that help to keep the tribe together. Many miss how important these things are to maintaining the cohesion of the group. They are absolutely necessary and need to be put in place. Not only can the understanding of symbols and rituals help a group they also can help out in our personal lives. The symbols represent specific ideas that are important to the people who use them. Each tribe or culture has its own set of beliefs about what they mean. The rituals are the things done with the symbols to make them mean something.The tribe in a warrior society is a very important concept. The strength of the tribe along with the strength of the individual in a family unit is what makes a people strong. The fact that we have these rituals and symbols in our culture throughout history helps the cohesion in the group and in each family unit. By being aware of these things it can help out immensely for all members belonging to that group or family unit. In this chapter we will cover symbols and rituals. Why are they useful and how can we use them in our own lives? 

Life is filled with symbols and rituals. They are everywhere. But how do they come to be? Why is there ritual in the first place? The simplest thing that can be said is that symbols and rituals are created naturally by humans to help them process life's moments. Rituals allow for us to create meaning out of the most trivial moments. Symbols point us towards something more than what is there; they point us towards who we really are, towards things beyond the shallow materialism of the day-to-day.

Enough of that, now here is your proverb:

“If you want to remove a mountain, start with one stone at a time.”

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