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Who Determines You?

Great Kuji:

Who are you trying to be like? I find this question pops up a lot when I talk with young people. They go to great lengths to be like the people they admire and respect. It sounds reasonable, right? Do what your heroes do and you will be just as great. But there is a problem:

Who determines who you are trying to become?

You or those around you?

Are the models you follow good for you or your culture?

Although this thought started with young people it does not stop with them. We all need to look at who is helping us determine who we are. who we are indirectly following. Although many of us will argue the fact that we are being ourselves, I want to challenge you to take a step back and take a double look to make sure that you are not a cheap imitation of some character you watched on tv when you were younger, or a character in a music video.

Many people are out here in the world not using their Kujichagulia, but are playing roles that have been designed by their enemies. It is easy to see within our youth, but can we be honest when we look at some of our adult behaviors and make the same call. We have grown mean in their 40's and 50's still trying to be Tupac! You can act like you don't see it, but Family is right before your eyes. So I ask the question again: who is determining you? Wrestle with it for a moment, and make sure that you are not acting out scenes you say in a movie, or acting like a character that you fell in love with when you were going through puberty. Instead of trying to be a perfect copy of someone else. Make up your own mind who you want to be and base your actions on that. Be yourself, the real version and not the version you think people want you to be.

• Find out what you love or are passionate about and then build your life around it.

• Try new things

• Dedicate time in your day to developing a skill

Here is your proverb:

"The wealth of the greedy ultimately goes to the community."


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