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Great Imani

Today we are looking at the principle of Nia, as we continue our journey through the Player’s Pyramid. Simply put, "Nia" is one of the most important principles in Nguzo Saba. It is what guides us and we need a strong Nia to accomplish anything in life. In today's world, our purpose may be on the back burner while we live life moment to moment. In this episode of Daily Toast, we share with you some things that will help you locate your Nia and move into it with strength and power! The principle of Nia is not a principle for the sake of living. It is a principle for the sake of success. You can live and not be successful or you can live and be successful. Finding and moving toward your passion and purpose in life is not easy and I know that you probably have been struggling with it for a while. The struggle to find your purpose can lead to resentment, negative emotions, loneliness, loss of relationships, loss of true happiness, and so much more. In this video I talk about how we can get ourselves unstuck from the struggle to find our purpose. The Player's Pyramid is a course designed to give ideas for how to live, on Purpose. This pyramid will aid you in finding your purpose and navigate you towards it with power.

Enough of that... Here is your Proverb

"When the big drum is sounded the small drums keep silence."

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Great Imani

Great Nia To All And To All Good Life

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