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What Makes the Gye-Nyame Tribe Different?

Great kuumba:

The Warrior Handbook is about the Warrior Path; specifically, it's about those who follow it. It's about those who take their story and use that story to live a life of purpose. These stories we will be reading over the next few days will aid you in understanding the foundation for the Gye-Nyame tribe and all that we do today. We're going to let these stories guide us as we learn how we've used our Hero's Journey to find our lives today. 

The Warrior Handbook fills the need for a comprehensive guide to living a life that is consistent with the Culture. No matter who you are or how you came to know the concepts and experiences outlined in this book, it gives you an important sense of ownership and confidence as you begin your journey.

Here is the proverb of the day;

"One can not feast and become wealthy"

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