What is Gye-Nyame's Ranking System?

Great Kujichagulia:

Gye-Nyame is a practice, a way of living, not just a study group. There is no ranking system in the sense that you don't get a black belt and then never improve anymore. Instead we have rankings that measure how well we've developed our physical and spiritual fitness. Those who develop these qualities most greatly do so because they understand what they're training for and why it's important. Their motivation is high, and they usually enjoy the practice more than anyone else. We share our training with anyone who's interested in Gye-Nyame, regardless of their physical or martial ability.

In Gye-Nyame, ranking is a very important part of the culture. Physical fitness is also extremely important in order to know about ourselves. In this section, you will learn about both of these things, and tips on how to get a high ranking or a high level of physical fitness. 

Here is your Proverb:

"A family is like a thick forest, often from outside its dense, when your inside each tree has its own position."

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