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What is a Ha2ku

Great Nia:

The book Freedom Within Limits is a principle based guide to living the life of your dreams, with the bottom line being that you have to find out what it is that you are truly meant to do. Life is exciting, rewarding, and can be full of joy. At the same time it can be filled with fear, uncertainty, and pain. It all comes down to how one deals with failure. In Freedom Within Limits I discuss how I chose to get over the fear of failure, go on the adventure called  life, and push myself past limits I never thought were possible to overcome. Ha2ku is a word I made up. It's an art form that combines my love of writing and understanding the deeper nature of reality. It was created to help me unlock the secrets of creative mind power and personal development. Then it became a thermometer of sorts. It helped me gauge how open and advanced I was becoming as a person. The idea is that others could use this method to see where they stand, as well as use them to help manifest their dreams into reality. Tune in to hear more.

Here is your proverb:

"He is a wise man who has no worries about the things he doesn't have but he rejoices for those things that he has."

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