Virtue of Maat 4 – Faith in My Master

Great Ujamaa:

Today we are talking about having faith in a master. A master is someone who has been through the steps of where you are trying to go, and they can offer you guidance on the path. I’m sure you’ve all seen  TV programs or movies which have shown us that having a great mentor is very important. So I think it only makes sense to talk about the virtue that speaks about finding that great mentor. When I hear the word master, I think about a person who has been where I want to get. They have made it through what I am trying to do and can offer guidance in regards to their personal experience in that area. Please take some time and checkout the seventh tool we talked about in the “Player’s Pyramid”. We talked about finding ourselves a mentor (Master) so this concept is not new to those that have been around Gye-Nyame Tribe.

Enough of that, here is your proverb:

“It is a person suffering from cold who will first think of closing the door.”

Ujamaa Toast