Unity, not Uniformity

Great Umoja:

I am back on the clock, and I am thinking about Unity, and how some may strive to push for uniformity, not realizing that uniformity is not unity. Uniformity means that we do something a like and that is it. Uniformity does not extend far enough or deep enough for us to get what we need. Checkout the Rant as i will go a little deeper on the subject, by the way feel free to email your thoughts or even comment on the stream. I am waiting for your comments. Also thank you to those that have been sharing the content, we are growing slowly, and steadily. If you have not become a supporter please consider it, our supporters make it possible for us to do the things that we do (camping trips, holiday feast, social media, content creation, think tanks, and eventually our ability to employ).

Here is your proverb of the day:

 "One who is willing to bathe with cold water doesn’t feel the cold."

Speaking of cold bathing I think I am going to do a special report on the power of cold and including it in our health regiment... here is your video:

Umoja Toast