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Ujamaa Benefits And How You Can Embrace It

Cooperative Economics is a way of life, a different way of thinking about the world, a set of cultural skills, and a broad approach to social change.  We are going to discuss how to use Ujamaa in your life. Ujamaa means Cooperative economics, which is about learning to utilize your resources. But what resources do we have in our life? Especially in a world where we are not recognized as a whole being but just as a piece, or even a cog in a machine. We even start breaking ourselves into small pieces not understanding the power of the whole.  The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Everyone knows it, yet few really achieve it in their lives. The reason for this is simple: We approach life from the outside-in instead of from the inside-out. In other words, we attempt to add things to our lives from the outside, instead of searching within ourselves for all the good things we already possess.
Have you tried to figure out what to do with your life? Life is difficult, and it's confusing. Life is difficult because it involves having to sort through a lot of information, and deal with various inconsistencies. Some of these inconsistencies are within yourself. Some come from the world around you. Some come from your peers. Because of all this, figuring out how to live your life is something that develops slowly over time, if at all. The goal is to figure out how to utilize your resources, or wisdom, or talent? How does that help you live better? Have you ever wondered if there is more than just work? Have you ever thought about community development?  Ujamaa includes  Unity, Self-reliance, and Community building. In this discussion, we are going to teach you how to utilize what you have for not only taking care of your basic needs, but to add additional value. In the end, the more you add on top of what you already have, the further ahead you will be in your quest to master Ujamaa.

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“When an abomination has become of age it becomes a tradition.”

this proverb hurt my feelings.....

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