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Trust is not Enough

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Great Imani:

Trust is something we must work hard to get and keep. An Anti Social behaving member can destroy a whole community by spreading distrust. But one trustworthy member can change an entire community to a much better one.

It's not enough to rely on trust alone, however. Trust is neither necessary nor sufficient for building successful communities. To build fully functional communities we need more than simple trust in each other. We need 'trust' and 'responsibility,' this means that each member has the ability to fulfill his or her side of all agreements made within the community - whether formally documented or not.

True responsibility includes the ability to perform tasks in a timely manner, deliver honest feedback, seek support when challenged, set clear and realistic expectations, and act in accordance with your core values (e.g., honor, loyalty, and sacrifice) in all situations. Here are some questions for those on the #NguzoSabaChallenge:

What is your definition of trust and responsibility?

How do you foster trust within your community?

What are the benefits of a trusting community?

How are you responsible for your community? And what is it?

We've always thought that trust alone isn't enough to create a functional community. It takes more than trust for a close-knit group of friends to form a tribe, or for coworkers to form a competent team. Trust is needed, but it's not enough. Abusing trust is the breach of responsibility, the most serious type of misconduct, and the hardest to detect and correct. Here are 6 ways that you can avoid abusing the trust of your tribe, community, or family:

1. Set clear boundaries

2. Understand the basics of trust

3. Provide safe environment for feedback

4. Practice accountability

5. Maintain healthy boundaries

6. Choose your words carefully


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Great Imani

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