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Tribal Token: The Economics of Tribal Nation Building & the Politics of Currencies

Peace FAM:

We have created our own token and it will be made availiable to all of our supporters. You will be able to use them in all things Gye-Nyame related. We still are working out a few bugs, but here is a small description for you plus the pic. Those that are supporters that want to particpate will need to get a digital wallet and we can start sending your monthly Tribal Tokens at the beginning of the year. If you don't know how to set one up, we will be streaming classes on it, by the way it is not as hard as you think:

The Tribal Token is used by tribe members and supporters as a medium of exchange. This token can be traded for goods or services created by GNJMedia or Gye-Nyame tribe. This Token is designed to help those that use it learn more about economics and the politics surrounding the concept of Nation Building. This token also allows our tribe to truly exercise the principles of Ujamaa & Imani.

The first 70,000 thousand tokens were created to get the system started; all other tokens created must be backed by collateral. This collateral can take the form of currency (some form of money or things of value) or some work that has been given or promised to be given to the Tribe. This token works as a promise between the members of the Gye-Nyame Tribe, other tribes, and community supporters. The Tribal Token is Ket.N (Our Thang) and should be held on to, and kept sacred. Token creation will cease once our circulation of tokens is equal to or more than  the amount of people estimated to celebrate Kwanzaa in the United States after 2021.

Stay tuned for more info...


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