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Tribal Fraction Of Life

Great Kuiichagulia:

Habari Gani:

On the show today we talk a little more about the tribal fraction of life. The tribal fraction of life is the amount of people you have helped significantly divided by the amount of people you hurt. This fraction gives you an idea of the type of person you are. The tribal fraction is a revolutionary way to measure your life. It tells you how much more value you've created than destruction over the course of your existence on this planet. It's not enough to just let time pass. You need to stack wins in favor of balance. Reading this article is a start on the path towards increasing your tribal fraction. Ultimately, the tribal fraction is a measure that takes into account both how much value you’ve created and how much destruction you’ve caused. Like I mentioned previously, life isn’t fair, and to expect otherwise is silly. The tribal fraction makes an effort to be more objective than other measures. Listen in and feel free to comment.

Here is your proverb:

"Before buying a house, see who your neighbours will be."

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