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Tribal Calling

Great Ujima:

I have a question. What is your group's calling?

When I was young, I would often hear people talk about their personal calling, the vocation that has screamed out into the world at them. I was first introduced to this concept by Dr. Kelsey, who challenged all of us (at that time known as the ROP Africentric Kollective) to recognize our calling, and taught us the root of the word vocation. I was shocked and amazed that such a deep concept was sitting in my face my whole life and I never gave it a second thought until that moment. As I grew and learned to hear my vocation, I started to gather others around me that I could help, and who in turn through their calling help me. We began to form tribes, my first Tribe MACK and then the UGRR (The UnderGround RailRoad) came out this experience. But being young I was missing the secret sauce. This sauce was a collective work vision, a tribal calling. We never harnessed the power of Ujima beyond small projects. We all did not hear and seek out a common vocation that could hold us together over time.

Now I want to spend some time looking into your tribes vocation. What has your group been called to bring and share with the world. I believe that this is a great topic for Ujima. Because many of you may fall into the stay busy aspect of Ujima rather than recognizing the true power that a collective can bring. Not just a physical collective, but a mental collective working together to build something that can stand the test of time. A tribal vocation can really help with that. it was years before I found the media aspect of GNJ's tribal calling, and it has been building this that has kept us going.

Ok, so what is calling in this context? Calling is when you have found something that your tribe has been gifted by God to do, but you are also aware that there are other groups that can't do that thing as well as you can. For example, if your group is consistently working to feed hungry people in your community and other groups aren't doing that as much as you are, then feeding hungry people might be part of your tribe's calling. Or like us you find that your community needs a media arm for their work, and you and your group have the skills to bring forward to fill this need. Here are some questions to look at and wrestle with if you are on #NguzoSabaChallenge:

What does your tribe seek to bring and share with the world?

How has your group's vocation evolved over the course of time? 

What gifts and talents do you bring to your tribe?

What does your tribe call themselves?

In its simplest form tribal vocation is a calling that comes from your group, seeks to make a contribution to the community and sends you out into the world to engage with others. I believe that tribal vocation is essential to our communities. This is not just a career but an invitation to bring something unique and valuable to the world.

1. Make a list of your tribes projects

2. Define how you are going to share it with the world

3. Start implementing them

Here is your proverb:

"However hot the sun, it will never dry the sea."


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