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It never seems to be enough time, in the day to get everything done. Family I am trying to keep things rolling, but I am like a juggler over trying to manage 5 things in the air. But we will get it done eventually. On this American holiday weekend I am stuck in the house trying to complete a task that is foolish, but needs to be done. But, i will not bother with my stuff. I will hit you with the Proverb of the day, and share the links that I do on a daily. Please consider sharing your insights about proverb. You never know who you can help!!!! 


"You can out distance that which is running after you, but you cannot out distance that which is running inside you."

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I must apologize because i have been sending out a broken link, for your insight. Try the above it should work, can't wait to see what wisdom is dropped.

Toast&Talk Kuumba