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Toast&Talk Imani 31421-5

Come and join us as we Toast&Talk on this beautiful Imani. I personally been enjoying laying back which is why we are doing the show in the early afternoon. Come and join us live or hit the link at your leisure. 

By the way I want to thank whoever clicked the link for the Digit App. Hopeful you will begin to see some of the results that I have. That app has saved my bank account from overdraft fees like you would not believe. The app pulls small amounts of money from your account and stores it in another account, and they just started a new investment function that I am playing with now.

Join the show....

Toast&Talk Imani 31421-5

HOT!!! Conversation & Healing

Join us for Sofa Chat

Great Imani

Great Nia To All And To All Good Life

Here is the eMag from last week

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