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Time To Tribe Up

Greta Ujima:

Looking at the world, it is time for us to take this Tribe thang more seriously. It appears that times are getting serious and we are going to need Team work, family, and tribe to make it to the other side. Family this covid thing is blooming into a very dangerous situation for us. We have politicians grasping for power that they will never give back. This will effect you whether you are vacinated or not. I am keeping my eyes on the things that are going on and will be talking about it on the show and of course writing about it in these short emails. Family, if you dont have a group that you can trust you need to find one or begin the building process now. Ujima is going to turn into a more neccessary component  in our lives. I will stop there, here is your  Proverb:

"You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try."

Be sure to share, thank you in advance. 

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