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The Ujima Principle: The Key to Any Community

Great Kujichagulia:

Please don't be confused, we are talking about Ujima on Kujichagulia because we are still moving through the book "The Player's Pyramid". We are now looking at the building block of Ujima...

The principle of Ujima is essential; it ties each individual to the community as a whole. It creates a connection between the 'us' and the 'I'. In order to make this connection, we need to create a structure that can support us as individuals to discover our lives from this perspective. For me, this principle involves coming together in community to share all that we have, including our talents and gifts. It means having a commitment to one another so that we can tackle problems as a community. Ujima means taking responsibility for ourselves and each other.

"Ujima -To build and maintain our community together and make our brother's and sister's problems our problems and to solve them together." This principle is what we need, so what do we have to do in order for us to work together as a group? We have to build our lives, rebuild our families, rebuild our tribe, and the community.  The Principle of Ujima is the central structural basis for building a new world. It must inform and transform how we think about building an economic life. We will then know that we need to look inside and align all the parts of our lives together. How we take care of each other not just for today but for all future generations. Ujima is an extremely important principle, which holds true for us as well. The fact that we are here today is because our ancestors survived through this way of life. Collective work means that together we should be able to do what no individual can do on his or her own.

Enough of that, now here is your proverb of the day: 

“You always pick the fruits of what you plant.”

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