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The Principle of Gender and the Key to Life

Great Imani:

Gender associates with all beings. There is a male principle and a female principle in every creature, from the largest to the smallest. In other words, there is a feminine principle and a masculine principle in everything. Man has sought to understand this principle for many years without knowing a method to do so. By understanding this principle, you will grasp a key that will unlock life and make you powerful.

Gender is in everything, every rock, tree, mountain, river and creature. All of creation needs masculine and feminine Principles to be complete. The solar system itself can not exist without these two Principles working together effortlessly. This is the same with ourselves, male and female manifest within us at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. As we become aware of this Principle of Gender within our lives we begin to experience more balance and order which allows our lives to work more effectively. So join us for this conversation live on GNJ.Media.

Enough of that here is your proverb:

“The teeth that cannot move in unison cannot bite a piece of meat.”

For those that miss the show we rebroadcast the show @ 12 noon Umoja - Nia (Monday-Friday). On Umoja we stream Nia, Kuumba & Imani shows....

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