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The Power Of Your Culture, Structure Your Reality (True Magic)

Great Kuumba:

Our imagination is the greatest super power bestowed upon us and those we encounter while on the planet. Our thoughts are pieces and particles of energy imprinted in the fabric of reality, influencing it’s very architecture in ways we have yet to fully understand. The kuumba , or potentiality that God has placed in us, is our personal narrative constructed through imagination, which is the ultimate gateway to creation. Imagination allows us to build worlds others yearn to visit, craft worlds others fight to escape from, and create realities only known by a select few. Kuumba is the source of our dreams. It’s the specific combination of components that create a song, a character, an idea in your mind. Kuumba is what separates us from animals, yet after many generations we’ve nearly forgotten how to use our kuumba like our Ancestors once did. Now that we exist in a world dominated by technology, we should think about a new way to use those available tools to make improvements. We need to think outside the box. Our kuumba can help us reshape our cultural narrative so that individuals in our tribe can see themselves as creators of their culture, not followers or observers. Here are the questions for those on the #NguzoSabaChallenge:

What would the world look like if everyone knew how to harness their creativity?

What about your culture has influenced your life and work experience?

What story do you want to tell?

How has your culture influenced your life?

What is your favorite cultural quote or proverb?

On our Kuumba Toast today we will provide you with the insight and instruction necessary to create a positive and empowering reality. We will discuss how to use your creativity and imagination to tap into your natural abilities and achieve the impossible. You will learn how to use your kuumba to plug into the magic of the creative process for building a new reality, and also point you at some examples that are happening today. Here are some ways we can harness our Kuumba to create the world we need:

  1. Create heroes

  2. Celebrate our heroes

  3. Become Collectively Conscious

  4. Understand your cultural identity and build community around it

  5. Be encouraged by failure

  6. activate your personal Kuumba

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