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The Power Of Story: A Guide To Using Storytelling For Building Unity

There is a lot of talk these days about building a successful tribe. After all, everything we do today is an effort to connect with one another. We crave connections and it builds our sense of belonging if we can find the people who share our passions, desires, and interests. One of the foundations of building a successful tribe is unity and, as humans we have been using story to bring this unity from the beginning. We use it everyday without even realizing it. Story is everywhere if we take the time to notice. We are always telling stories to ourselves and others. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are constantly telling yourself stories in your head about what is happening in your life. You tell stories to your friends about your day or about something you saw on TV last night. If you have children you tell them stories before bedtime or read them stories that have been told for hundreds of years.

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Sometimes these stories are in written form such as a book, newspaper article, or blog post like this one and other times they may be in spoken form such as a conversation between two people or a TEDx Talk by someone who has overcome tremendous obstacles to achieve their dreams. Telling your personal story is one of the most powerful ways to bring unity within your tribe. You can tell it in a way that helps others gain shared purpose and meaning. Storytelling is a powerful tool for growth, but many don’t realize that as humans we have been using story from the beginning to shape our culture and society. Everything from mythology and fairy tales to rituals, traditions and even religion are all meant to unify us as a people.

Now we must master the skill of using our personal story to unite us with others in our tribe. We have to push past the fear and share who we really are and share our tales of woe and victory. Here are some questions to wrestle with in your #NguzoSabaChallenge journal:

What is the most powerful or influential story you have heard?

What is the best story you have heard or been told?

What is your story?

What's an important story you have shared with someone?

Now here are some ways to develop an environment that is open to people sharing their stories:

Ask the right questions

Share your own story

Provide appropriate atmosphere

Seek inspiration from others

Be Truthful

Keep it real

Here is your proverb:

"When you're a stranger in a land, if good comes to it may you have your share and if bad comes let it go to the owners of the land who know what gods should be appeased."


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