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The Power of Consistency

Great Imani;

We have entered 2022, and GNJMedia is fast approaching our seventh year of creating excellent content for our listeners. Consistency has been important for the GNJMedia tribe from day one — and in this episode of Imani Toast, we look at why that is. It’s just not possible to be sitting on a polished project in a matter of months (or weeks for that matter). It takes time to become a master of your craft or niche: those valuable years spent practicing, studying and perfecting the skills required to deliver quality content to your listeners. This requires consistency, and today that is what we will look at. Consistency is important for anyone involved in tribe building and self mastery. As a tribe we have not only been consistent in our media work, but we have been consistent in serving our community. From working with our youth to serving our elders. Hence today we will look at the 7 reasons consistency is important:

  1. When we are consistent we are able to track our progress

  2. Consistency allows us to plug into a system

  3. when we are consistent we set examples for others

  4. consistency opens us to new opportunities

  5. we are able to develop habits

  6. Moves us toward mastery

  7. allows us to develop a relationship with our Why

First and foremost, consistency is important for anyone involved in tribe building and self mastery. Doing things consistently is how you build a brand. It’s how you become known for your proficiency or expertise in a certain area. If you want readership or listeners that will grow over time, you need to be consistent with your content output. It’s not just the occasional extraordinary project that will attract and retain readers, it’s the consistent deployment of well researched content that they can count on time after time after time.

Here is your proverb:

What is put in a basket before going to the market won't be the same thing returned in the basket.

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