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The Player's Pyramid - Umoja, The Final Chapter

Alright, you have followed everything step by step and now the time has come. There is a big difference between wanting to reach a goal and doing what it takes to reach it. This last chapter will bring all those important thoughts together and make the difference between the thoughts about doing something and actually doing it. In this the final chapter of the player's pyramid. We work on Umoja which means 'unity'. Unity can be defined as being in agreement, working together towards the same objective, or working with something that has already been created. We are in sync with our goals, our group, and ourselves. The Player's Pyramid is a form of personal development, based on the idea that we are all on a journey. If you view life as a game then the pyramid can be seen as your character's evolution throughout the game (life). This comprehensive compilation of the seven blocks & seven tools will aid you on your journey. The Pyramid is used to track your progress in all areas of your life. If you are noticing yourself struggling in one of the levels; this is where you go back and revitalize your efforts on that particular level. The more you focus on progressing forward in the pyramid the easier it becomes.

Enough of that, from our Tribe  to you, many thanks for your support! YOU’RE AWESOME! We couldn't do what we do, without our dedicated listeners. YOU'VE HELPED US GROW! For that, we are truly thankful. Keep sharing the message of the pyramid with everyone you know. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION! THANK YOU!!! Here is your proverb:

“If it hurts to spend your money, you will go hungry.”

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