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The Matrix Resurrection review.


Here is the second part of my review of the Matrix movie. I actually got frustrated because I literally did not want to sit all the way through the movie again. So I am sharing the writeup I did for number one review and just updating a word... The movie is good but it did not move me to want to rush in and resee it.

In this episode (part 2) I talk about my opinion of the new Matrix movie, The Resurrection. I know that not everyone out there had the opportunity to see it so I am taking some time to share with you some information about it. Let’s cut to the chase….I Am Not Thrilled about this movie! It seemed like it was the longest 2.5 hours of my life but I am glad that the Wachowski’s took the time to make this movie. You know, I didn't have any high or low expectations going into this movie. What I love about it is that it started at another point in the story line (see what I did there) and then made you work to go backward and see how we got to that point. The end was a little different than what I expected but overall I didn't have many complaints with it. 


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