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The Decline of the Sacred

The Decline of the Sacred

Great Nia:

Today as we go into "Freedom Within Limits" we look into the sacred. What’s sacred to you? Some people feel that some things are not to be touched, but instead are to be left for generations yet unknown. These people tend to have the most ancient of beliefs. For example, the Native Americans had many sacred lands and sites that they would not disturb, even when forced by settlers to do so. Today we trample the sacred in the name of progress. Many myths and traditions have been sacrificed over the years in the name of rapid expansion. We may never know how much has been lost over time, but we can look back at some of our oldest inspirations, and learn from them what is truly important to hold onto.

The last thing we want to believe is that humanity has gone down a path of destruction. Yet, when we look back upon the progress of our ancestors, we find a species that destroyed many cultures in their wake. Their only defense was to fight for their beliefs, and hope for the best. We cannot blame the past for mistakes of our own creation, yet we can learn from it. While it is unclear how long some traditions can survive, it is clear that some will always be remembered no matter where or when they were created. I hope that you take something positive from this journey of discovery, and perhaps it will help you discover what truly is sacred to you.

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We live in a real universe that is in constant change; we never touch the same thing twice; it is our responsibility to move with this ebb for progress. Failure to take responsibility for our actions will leads us to seek and place blame on anything or anyone for our mistakes~~~I believe our real purpose is to rid ourselves of IGNORANCE on all levels! Angel-A

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