The Day Has Slipped Away

Great Kuumba Fam:

I know this email is falling into empty cyberspace right, it is Kuumba evening, and I am just now doing the Toast. Feel free to join us or catch the replay tommorow At noon (or somewhere around that time).  It was a laid back day for me and I also had a lot on my mind, which gave me the idea for today's rant. i want those in the Tribe to learn how to say "Don't be mad at my Kuumba". It appears that many of us are acting small because we don't want to move past the small box that has been created for us. We hide our creativity and stop not only our growth but the Growth of our tribes. Come on now, it is time for us to move to the next level, and I believe that we have everything that we need to do this (I will save the rest for my rant). 

For those that may not want to wait till tommorow to see the shows, they do pop up on our older site ( Here is your proverb of the day:

"Don't procrastinate or you will be left in between doing something, having something and being nothing"

Also be on the look out for a gift video that i promised, it will be coming soon...

Toast&Talk Kuumba