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The Ability to Distinguish Right from Wrong

Great Kuji:

If we take a look at the daily news we know that we live in a world where we can see evil and wrongdoing everywhere we go. Some people seem to be blind and cannot see evil and others seem to just ignore it. There is a lot that is portrayed in movies and music where people are glorifying wrongdoings. We can observe the confusion business and governments go through when they try to make legislative decisions. These kinds of things can make it really hard for people to tell the difference between right and  wrong. There is always a fine line when it comes to standing up for what you instinctively know is right and making the decision to stand by your values even if this means putting yourself at risk. There are many examples of people who have taken courageous actions to stand up for what they believed in, enduring persecution or even death. Socially, this ability has been defined as conscience or moral judgement.

Let’s take a look at the virtue that gets us all tied up in this dilemma. We have made it to the 9th virtue and it is going to be a crazy ride.

Enough of that, now here is your proverb:

“Never travel with a friend who deserts you at the notice of danger.”

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