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The 11 Secrets of a Successful Collective

Great Ujima:

On this episode of our podcast we begin an exploration of the building block of black collectives, and the Ujima principle. As a collective, how do you view the power contained within each member, what lessons have you learned individually, and how do you apply them collectively? How has your collective endured despite the challenges it has faced? What I will do today is look at 11 signs of a successful collective. These are some of the qualities that I have been able to identify that make successful tribes, collectives, communities,and etc..

1. Each member contributes

2. Each member gains

3. Each member makes good on her commitments

4. The group helps find a way to elevate those who are vulnerable

5. Members share their knowledge and skills freely (understanding reciprocity)

6. Control the narrative

7. Be generous with power

8. Provide emotional support

9. Consider your impact on the group

10. Support collective wisdom

11. Establish a clear purpose

Ujima also reminds us that: All labor that improves the community is worthwhile. That we need to defend each other from external threats and constantly be working on creating new leaders. We have to cut back on 'fighting' and concentrate our efforts. We have to seek out new allies and strengthen our own resolve and faith.

We must never forget about the power we possess within our own ranks as well as the community at large. The collective has been slowly dying out in recent years, there seems to be no true direction for what we are working towards or for anymore. This needs to change because power, knowledge, and resources are essential to creating a brighter future with brighter minds. We can't complain about what isn't being done if we aren't doing anything ourselves. If you feel strongly that it is time to turn things around, then do something about it! Do something every day, leave your mark on the world and make it better than when you arrived. Please comment and share. The more interaction we get on our platform the more people we reach. So help us spread the word and grow. You can cut and paste this article on your timeline, you can share this email, as well as invite others to sign up on our email list, and lastly you can share our podcast network link:

Let's start the practice of Ujima today! TOO BLACK!!!

Here is your Proverb for the day:

"With a little seed of imagination you can grow a field of hope."

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