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Taking Ourselves Seriously

Great Ujamaa:

Taking yourself seriously means you know what you want and are committed to getting it. You know the people that you want to work with and do not waste time with those that will not add value to your life. You take the time to get educated on how you can be most successful in your career so that you can make a significant impact. You also do this because you enjoy learning, growing, and improving yourself. Treating yourself seriously means making sure your needs are being met. So many times we sacrifice our own needs because we think we have to put others first. We decide not to sleep or eat properly because we are too busy working on something else or helping someone else out. Taking care of ourselves is like taking care of our bodies, minds, and spirits. If we do not take care of ourselves, then we cannot take care of anyone else or anything else in our lives properly. Taking yourself seriously means taking responsibility for your actions, behaviors, and decisions. It is about being true to yourself and not doing things just because others might think it is a good idea or that it might look good for other people to see you doing this thing. It is about being selfish with your time and energy by focusing on what you truly want in order to be happy and of service to your tribe and community. Here are the questions for today:

Are we taking our history seriously?

How does your race/culture play a role in your life?

How does your identity affect the way you study, learn and work?

What are you doing to be a part of the change that you want to see in the community?

On this episode , we discuss the controversial topics related to taking ourselves seriously. The way we develop as a community and how we create new pathways to success in our lives and careers truly depends on our answer. Why? It's because taking ourselves seriously for us, can simply mean being comfortable with who we are, where we're from and what our interests are. When you take yourself seriously you really look into your everyday life around you and begin to realize the ways in which you can liberate yourself from economic oppression. Economics is everything. It determines how we live, what we do, who we are, how we suffer from racism, gender disparities and classism. In a world where most academic institutions encourage us to work on ourselves – economics is the science of our external relationships - subjugation of others through violence or coercion & it determines the distribution of wealth, opportunities & power between individuals in society. If we don't start looking at ourselves in a different way, and taking who we are seriously, we will always be on the bottom rung, and used by others in society to step up. Here are five things we can do to demonstrate that we are serious about our tribe:

1. Be committed

2. Be passionate about your tribe

3. Be respectful toward others

4. Be proud of the community we are building together

5. Always be open to learning and growing

almost forgot again, here is your proverb. remember this is different from the porverb that i share with the world, this is your extra slice of wisdom, at least for those who have taken the challenge (#NguzoSabaChallenge) :

"A good reputation is something you must pay for, but you can never buy."

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