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Taking a few days

Great Ujamaa:

Welcome to the Toast on this great Ujamaa day. We have covered a lot of information over the last few weeks. Now we can chill for a few days and just lift up the moment and cover some news, or just Toast it up. Either way it goes I consider it a blessing being able to serve you on a daily blessing. We have not decided on what we will cover on the journey next, but don’t worry there are plenty of concepts that we can take time to dive into.

Oh yeah here is your proverb:

"It is a surprise that the cock should hold a grudge against the pot, instead of the knife that killed it."

Hey I would love for some insight on this proverb let me know what you think it means.... As a matter of fact I am looking for some feed back!!!

Ujamaa Toast


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Great Imani

Great Nia To All And To All Good Life

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