Story Time On GNJMedia

Great Ujamaa:

Story time on GNJMedia, tune in and hear some more of the stories that helped us build our tribe. Storytelling and myth making is an important part of Nation Building. 

Let's go on an adventure. Let's create and pass along stories and myths to give us a common culture and to help sustain us through times of distress, uncertainty and isolation. Let's remember our beginnings and never forget how we became who we are today. Pull up a chair…we have a lot of stories to tell!

We are continuing our travels through the “Warriors Handbook To Life’s Journey”, tune and learn about our tribe, and learn how to join or build your own. 

Enough of that, here is your proverb:

“A man can't challenge his spirit in a wrestling match.”

If you hurry you can catch us live on GNJ.Media

Ujamaa Toast Podcast