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Stop Breaking Promises to yourself and plug into the #NguzoSabaChallenge

Every year we have folks making new year’s resolutions. They make plans and by the second week of the new year they fall off. At Gye Nyame, we believe in living our way into greatness. It is not about who is better or worse; it's about who is solid and dedicated to their own development. That is why we have designed the Nguzo Saba Challenge Journal. By adding daily participations with us on the Toast and using this Journal as part of your daily routine we can help you stick with your plans until you develop a habit. Living our way into greatness should be everyone's goal.

The Nguzo Saba Challenge Journal was created to help Black folks make this years's New Year's Resolutions stick. We at Gye-Nyame believe that when a people develop a daily or weekly habit, it changes their lives forever. Lisen in this morning as we give some keys to building a systematic process that will empower you in 2022 and beyond.

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