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Stop Being Afraid Of The Work

Great Ujima:

I have always said that it is not good enough to just want to be successful. You must always want to be the best. However, many people want success, but they are afraid of being challenged beyond their comfort zone. They want the trappings of success, but they don't want to do the work. They are afraid to push themselves beyond their current comfort zone and grow.

Everyone has a level at which they work their best. If you do not challenge yourself, you will never break out of your comfort zone and reach your true potential. And if you have never worked outside your comfort zone, you may have never even realized your full potential. By pushing yourself beyond your current level of performance, you can discover hidden talents and abilities that could make you unstoppable in whatever field you choose to pursue.

Because I am always looking for ways to improve myself and my tribe, I try new things all the time. Sometimes these efforts fail miserably. For every new product idea or service I attempt, there are countless failures along the way. But even my failures can teach me something valuable about what it takes to succeed in business, life or just about anything else I attempt. By failing on a regular basis, I learn what does not work and what does work. This gives me data that I can use to move towards greatness. In Gye-Nyame we teach that there is no failure, only feedback. I just have to be open enough to receive the information. Then put the information to work so that I and my tribe can benefit. Here are some questions to wrestle with if you are in a place of wanting success without putting the work in:

What is one thing you want to accomplish in your life but you are afraid of doing the work?

What are some of the fears you have, and how do you push through them?

What do you think is the reason people want success but don't want to do the work it takes?

What are some of the things that you have been afraid to do?

What does fear of failure do to you?

I'm not one to sugar coat anything. I say it like it is and even though for some what I share here may make them upset, you will find very little fluff in my writing. If you are prepared to do the work needed for success, I wish you the best. But if you're just full of $#!+ and want the trappings of success but don't want to do the work needed, then please stop reading now. Because you:

1. Don't want to push yourself

2. Don't want to put off pleasure today for the sake of success tomorrow

3. Are afraid of pushing through the negative emotions and using your discipline and self-control to move you into the life you want.

For those of you ready to overcome and do the work here are some hints on how to break through the fears:

  1. Remember successful people take action

  2. Find yourself a role model who is doing what you want to achieve or something close to it, and Imitate, imitate, imitate

  3. Failing isn't the enemy, failure is feedback. Fearing to start is the enemy

Stop being afraid of work. Stop being afraid of success. Accept the fact that hard work is critical to success and to fulfilling your dreams and goals. If you are serious about something, be willing to do whatever it takes to get there. Don't be afraid of work!

Here is your proverb:

"You can hide wine in a gourd but not in the belly."

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