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Stop Being Afraid, Get Unstuck, & Believe In Miracles

Today within the pages of "Freedom Within Limits" we are talking about freedom, and how moving past fear can be the best way to help yourself as well as others. We cover restrictions that we place upon our own thoughts and behaviors, and how they limit us in a variety of ways.  We also cover the need to control the negative voices, which live inside our heads, and often facilitate these restrictions on ourselves.   Ultimately we learn that our own thoughts are all that truly limit us, and how thinking past this false sense of security will liberate us. Gather around the living room, get yourself a cup of coffee, and listen to this podcast as we talk about fear, hope and miracles., we talk about what all of these words mean, and how they feel. We have some great conversations about being stuck and how you don't have to be.

Sometimes you just have to believe. I am not talking about very practical things, but in the power of the Universe because it is not your job to understand why these things happen and what they are. Open up and let the big "I AM" that lives within each of us do the rest. It is our job to breathe and relax into it, knowing that there is a plan unfolding that we cannot yet see. When we practice this, in time miracles will seem to be happening all around us. I hope you will enjoye todays show, and if you did, please share it with a friend and listen in tomorrow. Send a friend to GNJ.Media so they can signup for the email list.

Enough of that, here is your proverb of the day:

"Every old man was once a young man but not every young man will become an old man."

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