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So Much For True Unity & Loyalty: 6 Ways To Know If Your Group Has It

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In order for unity to work within the tribe there must be love, not just between members but a love for something bigger. Anyone can say they are united but if the hearts are disconnected from one another then ultimately is just a congregation of mindless sheep. To ensure true unity and loyalty a common goal must be set in order that everyone feel needed and useable in a way people find fulfilling and pleasurable.

Unity is impossible without love. Love is key because it allows you to give freely of yourself to serve others, even if you’ve never met them before. Love has no boundaries; it’s not dependent on race, gender or age. When you love someone, you put their needs before your own without thought or hesitation. You don’t think about what they could do for you, only what you can do for them.

It’s important to understand that there are two types of unity: false unity and true unity. False unity is when people come together based on common likes and dislikes, rather than love. This type of “unity” is fragile and easily broken because it doesn’t have a strong foundation upon which to stand. For example, people may come together because they like the same music or sports teams. This false unity is very loose and no serious work can be done. True unity is based on higher ideals, goals to be achieved and a love for something bigger. That something bigger can be the tribe, principles, or culture. This true unity lasts longer than a season and changes the lives of those involved. Here are a few questions for those on #NguzoSabaChallenge to wrestle with:

How do you think your tribe is currently doing with regard to unity and loyalty?

What is a common goal that you feel can unite people around you?

What is your tribe?

What is the main goal of your tribe?

What do you believe is the biggest problem facing our tribe?

Ultimately the question for those who claim this unity is what purpose is it serving? If a community/tribe is nothing more than a congregation of mindless sheep then how can it survive the storm which will inevitably arise? It cannot but be swept away. Nor does it matter if there is any other endeavor which can be connected to in order for it to survive as a whole, unity must not serve in name only but rather in fact and actuality. Here are 5 ways to know if your tribe has true Unity:

5 Ways To Know Your Tribe Has True Unity

1. Focused on creating something bigger than just themselves

2. There's a common goal for all members to contribute to

3. Real bonds are created between members

4. Members trust each other, including sharing common ups and downs in life experiences

5. Follow a set of values that drive the tribe into action while encouraging growth and consciousness

Here is your proverb:

"The house roof fights the rain, but the person who is sheltered ignores it."

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