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Self-Belief: The Key to Your True Potential

Imani is the principle of faith,belief, and trust. This is probably one of the most important principles because it is the foundation from which all things in this world are created. Do you believe that you can do something? Imani says yes, you can. Imani says "Yes, I am created to be more than I am now. Yes, I am capable of more than what I am doing." Imani says "Yes, if I put my mind to it, there is nothing that I cannot accomplish." It's pure belief in self and belief in God. If faith in self is wrong then please take me to hell because a lack of faith in self has led to the destruction of entire nations and cultures. A lack of faith in self has led to poverty and crime, teen pregnancy and divorce. A lack of faith in self has caused many people to stop trying and cause them to settle for less than they deserve or are capable of achieving.

I need you to understand that a belief system starts with a strong sense of belief in yourself. The greats among us have always held this philosophy that we are capable of achieving anything we set our minds to. So the challenge for us is to figure out how to point our Imani in the direction of lifting ourselves and tribe. Here are some questions to wrestle with:

How do you define Imani, faith, and trust?

What is the story of your faith?

Do you feel that your culture has influenced your experience with imani?

Do you believe you are capable of more than what you are doing?

How do you practice Imani in your tribe?

Imani is the best way to grow stronger in the face of oppression.

Just as our enemies are no strangers to oppression, we must also not be afraid of facing it head on. The principles of Imani are universal and eternal – they were meant for us, and all those who believe in self-efficacy in the face of oppression. We will never know if these principles really work, unless we try them ourselves. Here are some simple ideas that you can put in place in your personal and tribal life to help you:

1. Have a Mission Statement (Tribal & personal)

2. Start each morning with thanksgiving

3. Learn from your mistakes

4. Eliminate the word “I can’t or I AM so and so” out of our vocabulary

5. Pray and or meditate often. This can be a simple as taking a breath

6. Connect in real time – not text time, call or smoke break time, but real time face to face time – you never know what you’re missing out on, how your words and tone affect people

Here is your Proverb:

"When the bells are in water they can't make any sound."

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