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Respect, Responsibility, and Reciprocity for a Successful Relationship

Great Kuumba FAM:

Today’s rant will be about relationships, Gye-Nyame Tribe believes in supporting relationships. In fact, it believes that relationships are vital to a healthy society. But the lack of them has been a problem for far too long with globalization and people going in different directions with careers and families. Thus the 3 R's were created. These 3 things are what give relationships strength and when you don't do any of them, your relationship is bound to fail. A couple of years ago, I was presented with the idea of the 3 R's. This gift reminded me to be sure that in order to have a prime relationship, you must give respect to get respect, take responsibility for your actions to be accepted as an adult force to be reckoned with, and practice reciprocity to keep the other party interested in giving more.

Today we're going to take a look at the 3 R's. Enough of that... Here is your proverb:

“When there is a misunderstanding between the left leg and right leg the entire body falls down.”

This one was so good I am going to use it Twice, so since I am doing that I will give those on this an extra piece of wisdom for the day:

“When a man curses his own child it is a terrible thing.”

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