Reciprocity: A Key Ingredient in the Liberation of Black People

Great Ujamaa:

Today we will have a discussion about reciprocity and the power, and necessity of this principle. Reciprocity is the principle of creating the network of value that we seek. One cannot develop a sustainable economic system of power, privilege and profit without this principle in place. It is a principle of exchange, a social norm that creates a powerful cycle of growth and liberation. How can we move forward without truly looking more deeply into this principle.  Reciprocity is based on the idea that when you give someone something, they are more likely to give you something in return. It motivates people to act in ways that will help you in return, even if they don't know they will. Reciprocity is an essential part of growth and development for all organisms, including humans. If we always received for free or never returned anything of equal value, we would languish; reciprocity is the exchange of energy with life around us. Admittedly, this is seldom applied correctly in human society; like most things, it can be misused. 

Could our confusion from the first 3 principles of Maat be why it is hard for us to apply this principle, just a thought....???? Enough of that, here is your proverb:

"Until the old moon disappears completely, the new moon can not come."

Ujamaa Toast