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Real life matters

Ujima Toast:

Do you know how to distinguish what is real from what is unreal?  Cultivating the ability to distinguish the real from the unreal sounds very complicated especially in these days and times. The truth is that it’s very different today. We have to be willing to look at those things that are real, that affect us, and will affect our children in the future. How can we move through the unreal--the distractions--and accomplish our life’s mission? There is a lot of noise and fighting in this world today. And it is up to YOU to figure out what is real and what isn’t, so you can create the life you want . Cultivating the ability to distinguish the real from the unreal will allow you to Cultivate your own vision, so you will find the strength to take the steps necessary to get your feet on the path of your life’s mission.

It may seem to you that much of what happens in our daily world is not real, but an illusion. That’s why it is so important to connect with the truth you know within yourself. This kind of knowledge grows as you connect with your soul and realize your inner light. Knowing the difference between what is real and unreal will help you discover the purpose of your life, help you answer the question why did I choose to be born at this time? You must teach your children to "connect", maintain the relationships that are most important, deepen your personal growth, overcome fears, let go of past mistakes or regrets, clarify your life’s mission to achieve your success. 

Enough of that, here is your proverb:

“Be humble in making demands even when making your demands.”

Ujima Toast


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Great Imani

Great Nia To All And To All Good Life

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