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🚨RARE OPPORTUNITY: Capoeira workshop

Peace Fan:

It is my pleasure to offer you a life changing event. For those that don't know I have been a capoerista for many years. Although I am out of practice many of my brothers have continues on the Journey. In fact the brother that is coming this weekend is a Mestre (master) in the art.

He was going to be in town and since I have access to a space he has agreed to do a training in this Afro-Brazillian martial art. So come out and learn the art. No experience needed, hell if you just want to watch come on out as well. The price is $25 dollars but if you mention that you are on my email list we will knock off 20%. The goal is to get enough people interested to get him down here at least once a month. So come on out and help bring Capoeira back to Columbus. All info is on the flyer and be sure to mention you are on the GNJ Email list and we will knock off 20%. I might have to get in the road and fight for your discount but you are worth it!!!!

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Yes, I'll be attending. Ase'

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