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Principles, Pledges, & Proverbs part 3

Great Imani:

Join us for this Late Toast! This is a study within the Warrior Hand Book, an exploration of our principles and beliefs. Come prepared to discuss the principles of Maat, the pledges of Gye Nyame, and the wisdom offered by our 3 main pillars. As we move the Warrior Handbook to the forefront of our discussion, we focus on the Principles that guide us to our liberation. Maat  itself is an intricate principle which runs much deeper than any one thing; to fully understand it shows much introspection, and much love for who we are—much wisdom and understanding. For this session we will focus on the very nature of principles in general, and why principles like “Maat” make us great to begin with.

Join us as we contemplate the principles that make us who we are, and how they originated in Ancient Kemet. Discuss the Nature of Maat, and how we embody it to better the Gye-Nyame tribe and ourselves. Discuss the Gye-Nyame Pledge and its role in unifying and strengthening the Gye-Nyame tribe. Lastly, we will discuss the 3 pillars of consciousness: Honor, Loyalty and Sacrifice, How do we adhere to these pillars, and What does it mean for Us?

Here is your proverb:

"A hunter with one arrow doesn't shoot with a careless aim."

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Great Imani

Great Nia To All And To All Good Life

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