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Principle of Rhythm, Use it to your Advantage

Great Nia, or should I say Great Rhythm day

Today we will be discussing the ebbs and flows of the universe, we will be discussing rhythm. The principle of rhythm states that everything in the universe is in a constant cycle of change. Everything in the world is growing or declining, ebbing or flowing, waxing or waning, expanding or contracting.  This principle applies from both a physical and philosophical perspective. Like clockwork, we swing back and forth between nutrients and toxins, rest and activity, and all manner of opposites. Just as the pendulum dictates the ebb and flow of time, rhythm dictates the ebb and flow of life. Rhythms help us balance our activities according to how far left or right they are in relation to one another. By listening to these rhythms, we can predict when things will come at us , when they will be taken away from us, or when things will fall into place easily.

Happy is the person who understands the natural rhythms of life and has learned to flow with them, like a river flowing over smooth rocks. The river's rhythm repeats itself, but the water is never the same, flowing inexorably toward the ocean, where it will form new patterns in an endless cycle of change.

Enough of that, now here is your proverb: 

“The hen knows that dawn has arrived but it leaves the duty of crowing to the cock.”

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