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Paradoxes and their Role in your Struggle for Freedom

Great Ujima:

Thank you for joining us. We have almost completed our reading of "Freedom Within Limits", I think we will be done by the end of this week. i want to thank all of those who have been keeping up with us here on the Journey. I also want to take the time to invite you over to our Telegram channel. We are working on being in better contact with our extended tribe so feel free to come on over and conversate. Also those that are interested in getting the book "Freedom Within Limits" just click the link.

For today:

What are paradoxes and how can they assist in creating our freedom? What is the bait and switch trick, what role does it play in our release from its control? How do limits help us be productive within the context of societal expectations? Who do you serve when you are truly freed from any and all expectations placed on you by others? Understand these things and your journey will come to its logical conclusion of freedom.

Here is your proverb:

Rain wets the leopard's spots, but it doesn't wash them off.

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