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Great Week Of Kuumba:

I start with the last Principle of the week so that we can make a powerful transition into the next principle of the week. We are moving into Imani.

But by the time you see this we will be moving into Imani. Hope that you were creating a more beautiful existence, by allowing the Kuumba energy to flow through your soul. Let's see what we have gathered up for you in this week.....

The Power of Imani

Being on the principle of Imani today, we must stress the power of faith, trust, and belief. This principle has been the principle that our people have leaned on since our arrival in America. Faith has made it possible to walk in an unfriendly land and created a world that is beautiful and beyond anything our Ancestors could imagine. Now the goal is to teach ourselves to have faith in the reality that we have created. It is the lack of Imani in the power of our Kuumba that makes life hard. We have to ask ourselves the question: do we believe in what we created? Do we believe in our Ancestors, and their ability to influence events in our favor? Do we believe in the power of our principles to shape, mold, and protect our lives? Do we believe that we deserve to be free?

Imani is about believing in yourself and your tribe's ability to create a reality that is true for your people. It is about understanding that even if no one else believes, we must know that we are worthy of every good thing we desire. Imani will make us strong enough to deal with any situation or crisis. It will give us hope in an increasingly hopeless world. It will be the force behind our creativity and move us into the future with power and control over our destiny.

The goal of Imani is to create a community that is grounded in and guided by the principles of Kwanzaa. A community that is based on the spiritual and cultural values of our Ancestors. A successful community would be one that places people in a position to live life at its highest level of excellence. The people in such a community would have the freedom to think, believe, and act without fear or reservation. Their children would grow up knowing who they are and what they are capable of doing in life. Through this they would learn not just to say “I can do it, but I will do it”! To have faith in their own abilities, as well as the abilities of others. In this way they would have faith in their ability to become better than who they were yesterday. They would have faith in themselves, their families, friends, communities, and ultimately their God.

When we look around at the world today we see many examples of how an absence of Imani can affect the quality of life for many people. Faith is an integral part of our ability to prosper and succeed as an individual and as a collective body. It is through faith that we learn not just to trust but also believe in our own power to transform our lives, and the lives of those in our tribe, village, community, etc... To properly use the power of kuumba through Imani:

We must believe in the power of our principles to protect us

We must believe we are created to be free

We must believe that it is our ancestral wisdom that will lead us to success

We must believe that in the beauty of Black Power

We must Believe Imani gives us the courage to face our enemy

In conclusion I want to leave you with this, we must believe in the power of Kuumba. We have to believe in our Ancestors and the principles they taught us. We must believe that we deserve a life free of repression and brainwashing. This is true freedom that can only exist when we take control of our reality with Imani! Imani: A principle that is driven by faith and trust in the power of our ancestors to lead us towards a bright new future.

Creating Your Story of Power

The Power of Unity can be enhanced by the power of the stories we tell ourselves about our circumstances. Many overlook the power of a story and the benefits of creating a story of power over a story of victimhood. These stories can help inspire us and put things into perspective. Every successful business story is based on a powerful and compelling narrative. The real essence of success is not about how much money you make or how big your business becomes. It's about the way you view yourself and your life overall, making the most of every situation in your life.

The story that makes the most sense for you is the one that motivates you to achieve success. If you're looking for a short-term quick fix, then it's going to be very hard for you to find peace and happiness in this world. But if you surround yourself with stories of success and power, then you can find peace and happiness regardless of what is happening around you.

While many people have these stories, they don't know they do. They are living their lives without a narrative — without something to guide them along the way. But these stories are the very thing that can give us meaning and purpose in our lives and help us stay focused on our goals toward greatness. This is where having the right tribe pays dividends. Because not only will the Tribe have a story of success through their Umoja, that you can share in, but they will help you construct a story of success for yourself. In most cases it is just a matter of learning how to see your life for what it is rather than what you have been taught to see. Here are a 5 ways to start seeing the power in your story:

1. Acknowledge the past

2. Reflect on your story

3. Share your story to heal

4. Expand the story to include others too

5. Transform your story seeking empowerment not pity

Of course you know I go in more detail on the Podcast but this will get you started. Remember that the

principle of the day is Umoja, and the goal is to find Creative (knowing that we are in the week of Kuumba) ways to unleash the power of Unity in our lives, and to make us better able to find a tribe. If we are telling stories of constant defeat and victimhood we are not practicing the principle of Umoja internally nor are we a good recruit for a tribe of constructive people.

Kujichagulia: Creativity And Determination

The power of Self-Determination and the creativity that drive us goes back to our childhood. As kids, we played games during recess and organized our blocks into towers or towers into castles. Our parents told us to stop playing but we didn't listen because we loved to play. We also continued working on creative projects without quitting, or played games and lost but never stopped. But somewhere along the way we lost the ability to push through. Maybe as we started growing up we became more aware and influenced by other people's thoughts more than by our Kujichagulia. As adults, we can learn to reapply this power of creativity and determination to any area of life.

One reason why Kujichagulia has become so popular is that it provides an opportunity for us to embody these qualities in a profound way. It gives us permission to push forward, and not worry about the naysayers. It allows us to put on blinders so we can keep moving past the haters and continue to create. I know about this personally. I have been creating for years, and people outside of the culture look at me as if I am crazy. Why do you get up sooo early? Why do you work so hard, no one cares, or watch your content! Are some of the comments I receive. Yet I have a deep internal drive to put it out, and will continue until the flame in my belly (Kujichagulia) burns out.

We have all faced difficulties in our lives. These struggles may be big or they may be small but no matter how big or small, they are always there. We can get stuck at times. We may feel overwhelmed by certain problems or situations. However, no matter what the problem is, Kujichagulia provides the tools for us to empower ourselves through determination and creativity when faced with any challenge.

Practicing Kujichagulia means being willing to work through difficult things in life that we encounter – whether it's at school, at home, with friends or at work – and being ready to face whatever comes our way with determination and creativity. Here are some ways to use Kujichagulia when creating:

Be balanced in your view in life, learn to use positive and negative energy in your creative process

See yourself succeeding (especially during the "Lonely Miles")

Create a routine and ritual to prepare for your creative action

Create Anyway!!! ( no excuse, when it is time "Make It Happen")

Get organized or as organized as you can be

Break it down

Consider how you can improve your life and conquer your challenges.

A Slap For Help (Dr.Jacks)

I'm going to start off by saying this. I have nothing but respect for Will Smith. I think he's a brilliant actor and has given us so much entertainment value over the years. However, what we just witnessed was a man that has been dealing with masculine energy in a very unhealthy way. I'm not here to judge him, but it is my job as a relationship coach to help men deal with this issue.

We all have two sides of our personality; Masculine and feminine energy. For men, masculine energy is a result of testosterone. It is responsible for building muscle mass, fighting off potential threats, and social dominance among other things.

Feminine energy is a result of estrogen (or testosterone). It is responsible for our emotions, attraction, nurturing and compassion. It is also responsible for maintaining the health of our relationships with others.

I tell the men I work with that their success in life comes from being able to balance these two parts of their personality. If you are too masculine you will be overly aggressive and offensive to others causing them to run away from you. If you're too feminine you will be perceived as weak which will cause people to take advantage of you or avoid you altogether because they don't feel like you can protect them

So, what can be learned from this? If we can learn anything, it is that folks who choose to sidestep their issues often turn up in situations that allow the issues to manifest in a negative way. It's human nature, and in the case with Will Smith, this was his opportunity for his issues to manifest. We don't know if he took responsibility for his actions or if he acknowledges that he has some internal work to do. What we do know is that he slapped Chris Rock and should get appropriate help.

1. Let it go and move forward

2. Figure out what you need

3. Recognise your toxic relationship patterns

4. Accept reality

5. Set boundaries

6. Talk to a third party

7. Be compassionate with yourself

8. Focus on the present

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How Kuumba Is Important For Buildin' Collectives

The concept of Kuumba is important when it comes to building collectives. Ujima means collective work and responsibility, and it is the proper use of kuumba that makes this process possible. It is the use of creativity that allows the invention of stories, rituals, ceremonies, initiations etc.. That allows for the building and maintaining of a collective. In Black liberation we must be creative in our way of thinking about how we build the struggle for freedom. The idea that collective must always be fighting against something or someone misses some of the more important aspects such as creating an identity and culture within a collective that is supportive and inclusive. This is where Kuumba comes into play. It allows us to constructively guide the use of Ujima.

Kuumba means creativity. The first thing we can do to begin incorporating kuumba is to look at how we create our own identities and cultures within our groups. Have you ever asked yourself why you are a part of your collective? What does being in this group mean to you? What have you done to support your group so far? What are some ways that you can continue to support your group? How can you expand your group’s membership? Once these questions are answered then one can begin to use their creativity to implement shifts that will help their collective grow.

By creatively practicing Ujima, we can answer all these questions, and build something that can out live us. Creativity brings the spice of life to each of the principles, and can make them acceptable and doable to the masses.

Ujamaa---Unleashing The Full Potential Of Our Kuumba

The future of Ujamaa is in our hands. We are in the world today struggling to survive when we have not yet unleashed the full potential of our Kuumba. We have unleashed it for other nations, but when it comes to enriching ourselves and our children, we seem to fall short.

If you asked someone what the definition of Ujamaa was, they might say something like "the third pillar of Kwanzaa," or "the Swahili word for cooperative economics." But here's what I think: Ujamaa is about learning how to share resources and cooperate so that we can build up our communities and move to the next phase of nation building. But it appears that many of us overlook the goldmine that is sitting right under our own feet. We think that our wealth sits outside of us in houses, cars, clothes, shoes or other material possessions, when in fact the only thing we truly possess is our minds, bodies and spirits.

Are you reading this? Then you're part of our tribe—and you're in a position to make an impact in your community. And it starts with what's already inside you. We are in a new phase of nation building. It is time for us to move forward into a new era and we must not be afraid to look at ourselves differently. We must not be afraid to look at our children differently. We have been blessed with great minds, bodies, and spirits that have been dormant for far too long. Now it is time to use Ujamaa and all 5 parts of our being to build something that is lasting, and that will pay dividends for generations. Here are 5 ways that we can impact our community using Ujamaa:

1. Create time for your family and tribe to talk and learn to use Ujamaa

2. Remember charity begins at home

3. Pay your tithes, dues or share to support the collective

4. Get yourself trained in the culture so that you can properly share your skills

5. Start building with your family and/or tribe

Kuumba: The Creative Aspect Of Purpose, Self-Discovery & Growth

What is Kuumba and how does it relate to purpose? The word Kuumba comes from the Swahili language and means “creativity”. Creativity is why we're here. We live in a world that's far more abundant than most people realize. The earth and heavens are overflowing with natural resources that are ready to be tapped into if we were only able to refine our skill at harvesting them by applying creativity to the mix. Nia helps us to develop skills that help us to identify opportunities and channel our creativity so that it shows up on our doorsteps in the form of money, cars, houses, career paths, relationships, answers, solutions — you name it! The more confident you become at using your creative ability at home, the more expansive you will likely feel in your everyday life, a place of glimmering possibility.

The root of the word creativity is “create”; to create means “to bring into existence, to cause to exist or happen, to produce”. Creativity is the process by which we turn our thoughts into reality. We have the power to create anything that we can imagine. All that we see in this physical world was once just ideas in someone’s mind. Someone had a thought, took action and made it real!

The purpose of life is to create! To be creative is our natural state as human beings. At this point in time, we must remember why we are here on earth and the reason we were created (born). We are supposed to create because it is our birthright and obligation.

Why do you think our Creator blessed us with an imagination? To allow us to dream things up and bring them into existence. Here are some ways to tell if your Kuumba is connected to your purpose (Nia):

1. Your Kuumba is a reflection of your desires

2. Your Kuumba speaks to you in images and symbols

3. Your Kuumba gives you self-worth and pride

4. Your Kuumba helps you to avoid distractions

5. Your Kuumba helps you to choose the right words

6. Your Kuumba celebrates your success

7. Your Kuumba offers you everything that you need

8. Your Kuumba offers you choices and

4 Steps for Cultivating Creativity

Today is Kuumba day. Creativity is about celebrating the fact that you have been able to use your creativity in such a way that you are building a world that reflects your culture around you. This is a powerful time for you, but don't get ahead of yourself — you have to train yourself to be able to see the world that you have created. There is always growth with embracing our culture, and that is a powerful thing. Our thoughts have power, so if we have negative thoughts such as hate, there will always be hate in our community. If we focus on creating balanced growth and change, our community will reflect that.

Be aware that there are forces in this world that seek to destroy you by attacking everything about you, including your mind, body, emotions, spirit, culture and tradition. These forces will try to convince you that everything about you is bad, wrong and/or evil. You must resist these attacks on who you are as a human being. If you accept these lies about yourself, then they will become true for you and it will be difficult for people to see beyond the lies that have been told about your humanity over time. So pull on your Kuumba and keep creating, and in your creation continue growing. Remember we are building a better world for our future generations. So here are four steps that you can take to cultivate your creativity during these crazy times:

1. Cultivate a balanced attitude

2. Follow your dreams, no matter what others say

3. See the potential in your life and others' around you

4. Find moments to celebrate all of yourself

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Proverb Of the day

Umoja - The sun shines during the day, not at night.

Kujichagulia - The mouth does not eat if the feet do not walk and the hands work.

Ujima - The strongest person among men is not he who fights everyone but is he who controls his anger.

Ujamaa - When a naked person promises you cloth beware.

Nia - You can teach other people how to learn other languages but you can't teach them how to govern themselves.

Kuumba - A good reputation is something you must pay for, but you can never buy.

Imani - Wherever something stands, another thing stands beside it.


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