Morning Rant for Nia 62521-5

Fam, I loose track of where I send content. I am constantly trying to create and send new material, so if you seen this already please forgive me. In this rant I talk about the proverbs that we covered in our Tribal Quotes. The proverb stayed on my mind and spoke about Childhood, and guiding energy. The thought of who is guiding the energy of our children and where they are going stuck with me, and I wanted to get this out. Especially with us growing like we are. Family our list over the month of June has grown almost 10x. I am humbled and grateful. I will continue sharing, and I have some special stuff coming for our Supporters. Remember Tribe Up, and if you don't or want to learn how to build tribe, get with us... For those that enjoy what we do please support!!! ....CLICK THE LINK!!!

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