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More on Rituals & Symbols

Great Ujamaa:

So why is a tribe any different from a collection of individuals, who just happen to live in the same area? In a tribe, people see each other as brothers and sisters, as blood. Two tribesmen don’t just meet up with each other, they come together as family, as brethren. If you live with a person long enough, you will have good times and bad times; you will fight; you will reconcile; that makes for an extended family. If two tribes unite, then the extended families that each produce form what we like to call an alliance! Through these alliances we can begin to share our rituals and symbols and use them to grow closer, and become one. Now, we continue on our study through the “Warrior Handbook For Life’s Journey”. We are deep into the chapter about rituals and symbols. Today we will look at the symbol of Gye-Nyame, the flag, Simba, the unity cup, the phoenix, etc.. Going into the breakdown of each symbol and how we use it in our Tribe, but also attempting to point out the necessity for any tribe to have these types of things.

Understanding these symbols and how we (Tribe managers and tribe leaders) should be carrying out the ritual and use of these symbols, is extremely important to not only the life cycle of a person within the tribe, but also shows that we as leaders and managers take the growth of our people seriously.

Enough of that now here is your proverb:

"When a tortoise embarks on a journey he doesn't ask for directions, because he does not want his enemies to know where he's going."

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