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Mindset Motivation Featuring Mz. Traci Airing Nia 62521-5

Peace FAM:

Today is Nia (Friday) and it is time for Mindset Motivation By Mz.Traci. So hopefully you have time to checkout her piece. It is about 15 minutes, but this 15 minutes is an investment. Mz. Traci is going to drop some wisdom on you that will not only bring value to today, but will bless your life moving forward.

Her show will be on GNJMedia at 12 noon on all platforms, because this is pre-recorded. I will provide our link but Mindset Motivation will be availible on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch channels as well. Click the link and look her in:

The Mindset Motivation series continues... In this segment I discuss I CAN! Whenever we find ourselves faced with challenges, whether in our goals or in contribution of others, come from a space of I CAN. I can't is the first level of defeat. It gives the excuse for failure before the effort for success. As a man thinks in his heart, so he is...Proverbs 23:7
MMM - I Can 12PM

It's time for Nia

Apply Ujamaa to your life today.

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