Mentalism and You: Transforming Your Reality

Greta Umoja:

Today we will start exploring the hermetic laws. The hermetic laws of magic have been around for centuries. They have been studied and tested and found to contain a wealth of information about how you feel, what you think, and how magic works. In these discussions on the hermetic laws, you will discover how they work in your life, and learn about the law of mentalism – bringing more into your life, increasing what is there already, increasing the potential in each moment, creating situations as if by magic, and creating as if by magic.

The laws of nature that we interact with every day. Mind and body. Yin and Yang. Chance and fate. Trust, Imani, and belief. What's the real truth about what happens when we meet these forces? Mentalism looks at two sides of our lives: analysis and intuition, magic and mystery, free will and necessity. Join us today for this discussion...

Enough of that, here is your proverb:

“We rest our legs, but never our mouths.”