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Mastery relies on self-imposed limitation

Mastery is freedom. Knowledge controls. Control is power. Power defines who we are and what we do. Whether it be our business, our relationships—even our self-identity—knowledge controls. So why does knowledge seem limited? Why do we suddenly feel like fish caught on a line? Like a deer staring into headlights in the middle of the night? Less intelligent than everyone else? Where is the mastery behind knowledge? Who’s got the control now? Look, I know you have searched high and low for that answer. But it’s not just absent, people aren’t even asking these questions anymore. That is because freedom is about more than just knowledge and control; it's about the ability to master them. It's the freedom to pursue any goal you set your heart on. It doesn't mean you will do it perfectly, just that at a certain point, once you've put in the time and effort it takes to understand a system, whether it's running, writing, sales or some new sport, you feel that sense of flow. You go with the momentum, instead of forcing your way through it. That's mastery. This book is about how you can have this kind of freedom within limits.

Join us for todays show and let's see what we get out of "Freedom Within Limits", here is your proverb:

The cow with no tail can only depend on goats to rid himself of flies.

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WOW! Wonderful lesson! Freedom Within Limits! Going with the flow does not require effort; it is following the line of MOST allowance or following the line of LEAST resistance! When we follow this pathway to Mastership, we end up mastering ourselves; We become the law which controls knowledge and this knowledge creates Authentic POWER {power from within} ~~~ at this point, ALL of our struggles cease and desist~~~The law of Rhythm and the law of Vibration is therefore respected! Angel-A

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